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Suggestions for New Baby Gifts

There are veritably hundreds of new baby gifts out there that you can buy, and it's often practical to ask the new mom, especially if you're close friends, if there's anything in particular she wants.

Let's face it - in this day and age, it's better to get somebody stuff that they're really going to use. While it was once customary to give silver cutlery or gold lockets as new baby gifts, we now have to look into items that a new mom and a new baby would really be using.

Toys always make great new baby gifts. Usually, a mom would prepare the baby's clothes and personal care items that toys would be one of her last priorities. You can find plush stuffed toys at the new baby gifts section of any large department store, perhaps a mobile with a musical box, and a night light.

When choosing new baby gifts, make sure that these don't contain small parts that may be dangerous for the infant. Also check the items to ensure that the materials they are made with are non toxic and hypoallergenic.

If you have a big enough budget when shopping for new baby gifts, you can look at furniture for the baby's room. What could be cherished new baby gifts are a crib or a cradle, a play yard, a rocker, or baby monitors. Other pricey ideas for new baby gifts are infant car seats that can double as baby carriers, and strollers.

For new baby gifts that are a little less expensive, you can opt for linens. Make sure that they're in the color motif of the nursery, and choose material that is delicate and soft. Baby blankets are also a good choice for new baby gifts. A mom can never have too many of these!

New baby gifts that will be used for a long time are storybooks, DVDs, and cassettes of bedtime stories. The new mom would be so thankful for these wonderful new baby gifts. When the baby gets used to these sounds, they could even be soothed to sleep so that mom can have a few hours to relax.

Items that are used for feeding and nursing are practical ideas that the new mom would be so grateful for. Don't forget to also look into rarely-bought products such as nursing pads, breast pumps, or bottle warmers. These are essentials in baby care yet first-time moms don't quite know of their importance.

You can also give gifts such as a gift certificate for a pampering at the spa. We have all heard about postnatal depression, and one of its main causes is that the mother feels spent emotionally, mentally, and physically. A beauty regimen at the spa will at least make her look and feel better again after an arduous delivery.

She can get her nails cleaned, have a relaxing foot massage, a nice new haircut, or a facial. Or how about a gift certificate from her favorite pastry, cake shop or deli? After giving birth, a woman's appetite can be ravenous again because she will be breastfeeding and therefore have to replenish lost nutrients.

A photo album or baby book is one of the most appreciated new baby gifts a new mom could receive. Help her start by bringing stuff to work with, such as scrapbook decor and non-toxic ink for making the baby's hand and foot prints.

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